The first step in reducing energy costs is measuring how, when, and where facilities use energy.

T4 Engineering is headed by Michael A. Trzesniowski, PE CEM CEP.  We are a consulting business focused on energy conservation and management, as well as educational facility engineering.  Our mission is to provide practical advice to our clients to enable them to focus on their primary business.  The principal officer has worked in and around the electric utility business since 1980 and experienced the transition from a "widows and orphans stock" workplace to Enron and deregulation.  A good energy consultant is essentially a low-cost, high-return investment for a company because a fraction of the fees should be recovered from timely advice.  Anything less means the consultant isn't working for you.
T4 has over a decade of experience in higher education facility energy procurement.  The principal officer has bought, sold, and hedged natural gas over the years.  He is a Certified Energy Procurement Professional.  As Associate Director for Facilities Services at Lehigh University, he has overseen 15MW of power procurement (69/12 KV) and supervised the operation of two separate central heating & refrigeration facilities. He has completed courses in Building Commissioning and is a Certified Energy Manager.  Energy has become a commodity that is bought, sold, and traded like a common stock.  As a client, you can benefit from someone who has studied technical analysis of stock price movements and understands moving averages, support/resistance levels, supply/demand, and the intricacies of local distribution companies, contracts, local distribution companies, balancing, etc. Mike has annually procured anywhere from 400,000 mcf of natural gas to 2.5MG of #6 fuel oil, set accurate budgets up to 18  months in advance, worked with the PA DEP on Title V and legal documentation, supervised boiler house operators as well as HVAC staff, and manages a 12KV distribution system in lieu of the incumbent local utility.
Energy costs are significant and controllable.  Energy processes can be improved.  Utility cost savings can be achieved through proactive energy management techniques.
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"Thousands of engineers can design bridges, calculate strains and stresses, and draw up specifications for machines, but the great engineer is the [person] who can tell whether the bridge or machine should be built at all, where it should be built, and when."

Eugene G. Grace

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